Gakijiwanong, formerly Lac La Croix, First Nation, is an indigenous community located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. Situated near the Ontario-Minnesota border, the First Nation is specifically located along the shores of Lac La Croix Lake. The community is part of the Anishinaabe nation, and has a strong historical and cultural significance. 


Information about the origins of the Lac La Croix First Nation, and the major events that have taken place in and around the region. Stories of the Lac La Croix Pony, The Lac La Croix Guides Association, and the Satellite Broadband Initiative. For an interesting article discussing the case of the Lac La Croix government which had developed a tourist industry and faced restrictions on the use of the lake.

Please see the following to learn of the Band's plight for justice.

Lac La Croix: Rumor, Rhetoric and Reality in Indian Affairs. (.PDF, Brandon University, 2008)

Lac La Croix Pony

The Lac La Croix Pony is a rare breed of pony found exclusively near Lac La Croix. It is a crossbreed between the Spanish Mustangs which reside in the Western provinces, and the Canadian Horse breed found to the East in parts of Quebec. It also has the unique ability to live in the wild without human care, browsing for food in the woods like deer.

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Photos taken by two of our members (2021)

Chief Blackstone


"The Great 'Black Stone'" Drawing that hangs in the Lac La Croix First Nation band office

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